Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The coming of age

Hey this is my first blog of many more to come... enjoy.

I just turned 18 this Saturday, but really, all the hype surrounding your 18th is all noise. Ive
been sneeking into clubs and stuff since I was 16,, as well as particpating in other choice activites. So what is it about 18 that is so great?
I guess if your planning on working at Esso for the rest of your days, 18 is just another notch on the wall.
But I don't intend on doing that. When I was 17 I left home. I went back just a little while ago, and it was surreal. It's like your parens aren't your parents anymore, there just people who hung around for 17 years.
When I was 17 I fell in love, twice. Man, love does things to your head. But most of all, if it doesn't destroy you, it helps you understand more about yourself.
When I was 17, I realized that I knew how to pay the bills, get a job, live with people other than my family. I didn't just survive....i rocked the world.
Being 18 is amazing, because it gives you a chance to look back and say: I've survived alot. It makes you feel strong and, I can honestly say, I am less afraid of the future,as an 18 year old, than I was only one short year ago.
At 18 you are not just another extension of your family...for the first time, you are just yourself.
And that is an amazing feeling....
Oh yeah, getting wasted on your 18th birthday is just the cherry on the cake:)


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